Our employees - both year round and seasonal -

are our key to a successful season.


Seasonal Crew

Each summer, we employ over 120 seasonal crew members to run our harvest crews and packing facilities.  Many of them are high school and college students looking to work hard and save money.  Most of them return each summer until we kick them out to find “real jobs”.  One of the real highlights is working with the youth, and watching them develop and learn the values of integrity and hard work. 


Year-Round Crew

Our year-round crew is the backbone of our farm and the reason we, as a family-run farm, are able to successfully handle the large-scale production we see during season.  During the off season they ensure that the fields are cared for, machinery keeps running and that the farm is prepared for the next harvest.



Office Crew

The hardworking team in our office is the glue that holds our operation together.  They oversee the numerous certifications and self-audits we undergo each year, while providing excellent guidance to the many young first-time job holders we employ each season.